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Dedicated to sensor research and development, production, sales in one of the enterprises. Compared with Duke sensors, it is more professional, covers a wide range, and has a complete range of models. Its products include ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors, inductive sensors, light curtains, tension control systems, correction control systems, connecting wires & connectors, and other Thousands of products such as controllers.

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Solid state relay

Release time:

2019-07-19 08:23

Solid state relay

1. Input circuit: According to the different types of input voltage, the input circuit can be divided into three types: DC input circuit, AC input circuit and AC/DC input circuit. Some input control circuits also have TTL/CMOS compatibility, positive and negative logic control and anti-equal function, can be easily connected with TTL,MOS logic circuit.
2. Isolation or coupling: The isolation and coupling modes of its input and output circuits are photoelectric coupling and transformer coupling: photoelectric coupling usually uses photodiode-photoelectric triode, photodiode-bidirectional photo-controlled thyristor and photovoltaic cell to realize isolation control between control side and load side; High frequency transformer coupling is a self-excited high frequency signal generated by the input control signal which is coupled to the secondary and rectified by wave detection, the logic circuit processes to form the drive signal.
3, the output circuit: the main use of high-power transistor, one-way thyristor, bidirectional thyristor, power field effect tube, insulated gate bipolar transistor. It can be divided into DC output circuit, AC output circuit and AC/DC output circuit. According to the load type, it can be divided into DC solid state relay and AC solid state relay. Bipolar devices or power field effect transistors can be used for DC output, and two thyristors or a bidirectional thyristor are usually used for AC output. The AC solid state relay can be divided into single-phase AC solid state relay and three-phase AC solid state relay. AC solid state relays can be divided into random AC solid state relays and zero-crossing AC solid state relays according to the timing of turn-on and turn-off.