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Baoding Biduk Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Dedicated to sensor research and development, production, sales in one of the enterprises. Compared with Duke sensors, it is more professional, covers a wide range, and has a complete range of models. Its products include ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors, inductive sensors, light curtains, tension control systems, correction control systems, connecting wires & connectors, and other Thousands of products such as controllers.

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M12X68 flush connector

发布时间:2022-09-26 15:36

  • File size: 1.7MB

M12X68 flush connector

DC three-wire

BB-M1204N-C11S12 BB-M1204N-C21S12 BB-M1204P-C11S12 BB-M1204P-C21S12 BB-M1206N-C11S12 BB-M1206N-C21S12 BB-M1206P-C11S12 BB-M1206P-C21S12

AC/AC/DC two-wire

BB-M1202A-C14S12 BB-M1202A-C24S12 BB-M1202U-C15S12 BB-M1202U-C25S12 BB-M1204A-C14S12 BB-M1204A-C24S12 BB-M1204U-C15S12 BB-M1204U-C25S12

Analog quantity

BAB-M1203-CI2S12      BAB-M1203-CV2S12